About Us

If you are one of the millions of Australian workers currently (or formerly) employed full or part time, youʼll be very interested in what sets Employee Assistʼs reputation apart from any other unfair dismissal specialist in the country.

A determination to see fair representation for all is what made this company come to life. Whatʼs made it grow is an absolute dedication to achieve the very best results - for each and every worker that asks for our help.

There are many reasons why you might choose Employee Assist to handle your unfair dismissal. You may be persuaded by our reputation as the best specialist in Australia, or impressed by our case studies of exceptional outcomes, or comforted by our well informed knowledge of workplace law and legislation.

Perhaps knowing you would be looked after by your own, dedicated specialist will help make up your mind - as might the fact that if we donʼt win, you donʼt pay a fee.

Whatever the specific circumstances of your dispute, after a few minutes chatting to us youʼll realise that, above all else, we have the same goal as you. Namely: the very best result, with the minimum fuss possible.

When you retain Employee Assist you are retaining real life experience and knowledge gained through years of hard work and client service.

You will pay us absolutely nothing unless your claim is successful and you receive compensation from your former employer.

It costs you nothing to talk with one of our experts for a quick assessment of your claim. Call 1800 739 795 for free phone advice.

We are committed to maximising your compensation entitlements and work hard to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.