About Us

With Employee Assist on your side, you’ll feel the confidence that comes with knowing we’ve won hugely successful unfair dismissal settlements, on behalf of hundreds of clients against some of Australia’s biggest companies. And you’ll quickly see the secret behind our success and what sets Employee Assistʼs reputation apart.

Unrivalled unfair dismissal expertise, underpinned by drive and determination.
At Employee Assist, there’s only one single philosophy that drives us: Absolute determination to get the very best possible outcome in your unfair dismissal claim. As far as we’re concerned, nothing else matters. You’ll see how we achieve so much success from the first time you talk to us… an effective combination of unfair dismissal know-how, work place legislation expertise, and the unwavering pursuit of fairness in the name of our clients.

You feel comfortable with your unfair dismissal claim in our hands.
The last thing you need after the stress of what’s happened with your employer, is the time-consuming and potentially costly administration and strategizing required for the unfair dismissal claim which follows. So at Employee Assist, we do all that for you, because your peace of mind is our biggest priority… and we see it as our business to ensure you get the right result, with the minimum fuss possible.

Get us to save the day, we’re just one phone call away!
The thought of starting an unfair dismissal case, particularly against big powerful employers, can be a daunting one to say the least. The employer may have big pockets and expensive lawyers, so you may decide that it all seems too hard. But it doesn’t have to be that way, because thanks to Federal law you have world-leading legislation behind you… and thanks to Employee Assist, you have a dedicated team who understand these laws and how to achieve maximised success within them.

When you retain Employee Assist you are retaining real life experience and knowledge gained through years of hard work and client service.

You will pay us absolutely nothing unless your claim is successful and you receive compensation from your former employer.

It costs you nothing to talk with one of our experts for a quick assessment of your claim. Call 1800 739 795 for free phone advice.

We are committed to maximising your compensation entitlements and work hard to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.